7 Hidden Natural tourist destinations on the Bali island

7 Hidden Natural tourist destinations on the Bali island

Bukit Atuh

On a cluster of Nusa Penida Island, here there is a small island in the form of sharp cliffs. Above the cliffs to grow beautiful green trees. If viewed from the seaside, hills Atuh is similar to that which exists in Phi Phi Island, Thailand and Raja Ampat, Papua.



Pantai Pasih Uug
Uug Pasih Beach, you can find natural wonders where there are natural bridge in the form of a giant reef along 50 metres. This beach is also known as the best place to view the sunset in Bali.



Devil’s Tears Bay di Nusa Lembongan
Many ways to enjoy the waves of the ocean, savagely one of them by standing near waterblow. Waterblow is generated from the waves crashing against the reef forming splashes of water. Devil’s Tears Bay is one spot to enjoy the waterblow in Bali. This place is located in the island of Nusa Lembongan. A place that has a height of waterblow up to 15 metres is indeed not many touchable by many tourists.



Pantai Melasti
Melasti Beach yet little known tourist, here you can enjoy the view of the vast sea cliffs towering up to 150 meters. Standing above a cliff while looking off the Ocean can be a memorable experience.



Gunung Batur
Mount Batur became one of the famous mountain in Bali in addition to Mount Agung. Now many tourists and mountaineers who visit the mountain with an elevation of 5633 mdpl. But the interesting part of this mountain is the large number of corner of the beautiful scenery that makes you not tired many times here. Every ye visit here, you can find the new scenery. And don’t forget to enjoy one of the most beautiful Caldera in the world at Mount Batur.



Air Terjun Tegenungan
The waterfall is located in Gianyar is a place you must visit if travelling to Bali. Here you can find the natural coolness. This waterfall is quite easy to reach and very near from the airport located in the city of Denpasar. From the airport, travel along the 16 km towards Kemenuh Village in Gianyar, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency.



Desa Wisata Pinggan, Kintamani
Here you are amazed by the beauty of the landscape around the village. To enjoy the beauty of the village is amazing, you should come early in the morning or when the sun appeared light. At this time you can enjoy the magic of the fog that blanketed the village and the cool morning air nan asri. Being here will make you stand above the clouds.
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