Mount Fuji, popular tourist attractions in Shizuoka

This iconic mountain not only known by the world traveler who wants just a vacation to Japan, but also popular among climbers. Each year, Mount Fuji has always been populated mostly by hikers who want to conquer a mountain as tall as 3.776 meters above the sea.

Each July to late September, the climbers climbed Mount Fuji. Either amateur or professional climbers come to climb the mountain, beautiful sacred. Mount Fuji has always been a favorite destination. The shape is perfect with the presence of molten ice on it. Looks like ice cream with vanilla … topping.


Actually, lots of ways to enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji. You can do the climbing, viewed from Lake around mountains, or while riding the shinkansen.

If you want to see Mount Fuji from Lake Geneva, you can visit the Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Sai, Lake Motosu and Lake Yamanaka, Lake Shoji. Sunny weather, colorful Lake with Mount Fuji on it.

For photographers, fortune when it gets the right spot to photograph of Mount Fuji. Because getting a portrait of Mount Fuji perfectly is a challenge. However, when cloudy or rainy, Mount Fuji will be difficult to see.

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