What to bring when climbing Fuji-san?

This tour of the mountains in Japan, is always crowded by local tourists and foreign visitors when entering the month of July. The reason? July is the month of the opening of the climb to the highest mountain in Japan namely Fuji-san.

Each year, thousands of climbers to flood 5 existing hiking paths. However, be sure to find out the information a matter of climbing terrain. Do not let the less damaging preparation plan of climbing. In fact, anything that should be taken when climbing Fuji-san?

Warm Jacket
When climbing Fuji-san try to wear clothing which is light to be able to absorb perspiration. But, do not forget warm jacket. Because of the higher we climbed, the temperature will also be getting a cold. Especially when the rest of the cold, the taste can be anticipated by wearing a warm jacket.

rain pants
bring rain pants to make it more easily than moves, no need to worry anymore when the rain began to fall at Fuji-san. The climb can be continued.

mineral water
bring about 2 liters of drinking water so that we do not lack fluids while hiking. In some spots there that sells water, but the price is quite expensive.

Hiking Boots
Fuji-san is a fairly steep and rugged, hiking boots is the right choice to skip Pebble Street.

Money Yen
prepare the money in Yen while to Fuji-san. If there are things that are urgent, we don’t need to confused to find money.

Head Covering
head covering that will provide extra warmth. The headscarf be mandatory for trekking in cold areas. Make sure the head covering is also wrapping up both ears, so that the body is getting warm.

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